Nausea Tea

Nausea Tea

Nausea is such a debilitating condition. Fortunately it is usually a temporary. However, if it persists or is frequent, it is very importnat that you discuss with your physician, in order to identify the underlying cause.

For those who have occasional nausea a simple ginger tea can work wonders! You can buy fresh ginger root at most grocery stores, or you can also purchase dried ginger root if you want to have some on hand in advance.

Suggested use:

1 cup of tea, every 30-45 mins or until nausea subsides, maximum 3 cups. Pour boiling water over the slices and steep 10 mins before drinking. Or as a time saving measure if you may need more than one cup, put several slices in a saucepan with 3 cups of water, boil 10 mins, and then start sipping!

Drink very slowly, taking tiny sips at a time. Otherwise if you drink quickly you may induce vomiting!

2 thin slices of Ginger:


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