Happy Heart Tea

Happy Heart Tea

Hawthorn and Gingko Biloba are a powerful combination for improving blood circulation. Both Green [1] and Gladstar [2] recommend combining them for a cardiovascular tonic. Gladstar also recommends adding Lemon Balm for its stress reducing effects. She goes on to say:

I suggest it as a regular tonic herb for everybody over 45. Ginkgo works as a nutrient, not a drug, so it must be used with consistency, and in adequate amounts, for several weeks or months before any benefit is noticed. I generally suggest taking herbs on a rotational basis of 5 days on, 2 days off, repeated for up to 3 months. Rest for 3-4 weeks, then repeat the cycle again. Tea: 1 cup 3 times daily.

Suggested use:

1 cup of tea, 3 times per day, with:

3 tsp Hawthorn

2 tsp Ginkgo Biloba

1 tsp Lemon Balm


Important notice: information on this website should not be interpreted as medical advice. Do not take any herbal supplements without consulting your physician, especially if you are taking medication or have an illness. Never take herbal supplements unless advised by a physician if you are, or might be, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Do not give herbal supplements to children under the age of 18.


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